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Measured Farming Consultants (Pty) Ltd. is a company which provides a full range of services to the agricultural and forestry Industries in Southern Africa. These services are available to farmers, companies, municipalities, state departments, public bodies, financial Institutions, insurance assessors, advocates, attorneys and others.

In many cases the company has been asked, not only to advise but also to put into action the plans devised. Measured Farming Consultants proven ability to do this has led to more demand for the services it offers and an ever widening scope of accumulated knowledge and experience.

Measured Farming Consultants, therefore, offers not only a professional service in the operation of farms, plantations and land development, but a confidential consultancy service in the fields below.
Farm management
This involves the drawing up of a farm plan, preparation of budgets and regular reporting on physical and financial progress during each year. Owners can benefit from the bulk purchasing arrangements we are able to make from time to time resulting in lower costs from farm requisites.

From experience we are able to monitor individual items of cost and ensure that the conform to the accepted norms. We will manage and administer the structures required for new entrants into the agricultural field.
Professional valuations are carried out using the market data or comparison approach, the Nett income capitalization approach and the earnings approach to value. Whereever possible, correlation of these processes is applied when making an estimate of value. Clients receive motivated reports suitable for evidence in cases where litigation is involved. Abbreviated reports are prepared if required.

Standing timber, machinery and crop valuations are also undertaken for purposes of insurance or claims of damage.
Investment appraisals
Detailed appraisals of investment opportunities in all branches of Agriculture and Forestry are made

Assessments are provided of the financial implications of diversification or further capital expenditure and expansion within an existing farming enterprise.
Purchase of farms
We undertake to buy agricultural properties on behalf of clients, either with or without valuations or feasibility studies being undertaken.

Our policy is to ensure that values conform with the normally accepted prices in the particular area and are consistent with an acceptable return being obtained from the investment under normal conditions and by applying normal standards of management.
Market surveys / marketing
We conduct surveys for the marketing of agricultural products and arrange the actual marketing of these product, both locally and overseas.
Technical advisory service
We do surveys of a technical nature on specific agricultural and forestry matters to keep clients abreast of the latest trends in their particular field.
Land use / planning / development
We analyse the natural agricultural resources of farming land and make recommendation on correct and best land use.

This could for instance involve the most suitable type of farming or details of seed and fertilizer requirements or methods of timber establishment or such things as feed requirements in the case of livestock.
Accounting / economic advice
Measured Farming Consultants offers a full range of economic and accounting advice, designed to provide valuable financial information for management.

This service forms the basis of budgeting and budgetary control where performance is monitored periodically against budgeted expenditure and income.
Risk analysis
Measured Farming Consultants provides an on-site risk analysis to financial institutions of funds they have distributed through structured lending facilities. Reports are compiled into the use of these funds for agricultural purposes as requested by the client.
Farm sales
Measured Farming Consultants provides all aspects of assistance to clients throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, assisting with the sale of their farms through the sourcing of potential buyers from our extensive database. Sellers are requested to provide us with the pertinent details of their farm which in turn will be loaded on our website and passed through our client network for maximum exposure. We will facilitate the Private sale of the property should we deem a purchaser seriously interested.
Business plans
Measured Farming Consultants designs and compiles full business plans for any Agricultural project or Agribusiness. In addition we also design these business plans in accordance with the financial institutions requirements for funding. Our Business Plans also act as a fully bankable document that can be used to apply for finance.
Finance acquisition
MFC has the financial expertise in order to present bankable feasibility studies to both South African and International finance houses with the intention of applying and securing finance or funding on the client's behalf.
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