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About us
Measured Farming Consultants in an Agricultural Service provider that assists in the purchase of farms, the valuation thereof, the feasibility of purchasing land for agricultural purposes, the brokering of deals between a seller and buyer and the upskillment of unskilled individuals in order to make the acquisition of land worth while and economically viable.

Taking note of the need for sustainable farming, plantation and estate management in Southern Africa, it was decided as far back as 1960 to develop a service which could offer just this.

The company was founded to provide a full, comprehensive and efficient management service for absentee owners and non-resident local and overseas investors.

The science of management in agriculture was scarcely accepted in South Africa at that time but the cost/price squeeze had already started and it was evident that more than good husbandry was needed to ensure profits from the land.

The need to plan and keep pace with the changing financial, economic, social and marketing climate was becoming increasingly important as the individual was finding the task of keeping abreast of new conditions, problems and opportunities more difficult. Specialist knowledge and managerial sophistication had become essential.

Measured Farming soon found that the farming community wanted access to the bank of knowledge which it had accumulated in the experience and the education of its senior personnel. An advisory service was already in existence within the company and through integration with agricultural consultants the present services of Measured Farming became available to anyone seeking advice or requiring management.
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